Tịnh Cong lndustrial Joint Stock Company was established in 1994 in Ho Chi Minh City then transferred Office / Production to Binh Duong in 2003 as the precursor of TINH CONG INDUSTRIAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY registered in 2008 in Binh Duong. Is an auxiliary enterprise specializing in surface treatment (plating, passive stainless steel) with high technology standards for exports.

In order to support the development of industries in Vietnam, the company has con-stantly invested in innovative equipment and advanced technical access fromCountries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, ltaly and Taiwan. In particular, we have applied nickel, 3-layer, nickel-free (nickel free for European products), Nickel-plated (Electroless Nickel), Tin (electric details), zinc (passive Cr3 + body), environment friendly) PVD plating line. The company also always pays aftftention to well implement the plan of environmental protection, water treatment and emissions.

“QUALTTY” is our first goal, since 2005, BVQI has been granted ISO 9001 certifica-tion by the UK organization and has continuously achieved recertification so far. We always strive †o improve and improve the quality of customer service and are wllling to expand cooperation and development together with units in the spirit of “Bothsides are beneficial”.
Currently, with the face of 6000m2 and 150 employees (20 chemical engineers,
business administration) are ready to meet your high requirements.


The quality policy of Tinh Cong Industrial Joint Stock Company has been estab-lished and issued since the early days of establishment to provide the best quality construction products and services to customers, in line with the bank. Customer book and project implementation on schedule and safely. We are committed to implementing quality policy through.

Recruit and train engineers, supervisors, project managers and skilled workers, ensuring compliance with the Quality Policy of Cong Cong in each product. The guideline is to guide and share for seniors, elders to guide and share with newcom-ers. All should learn how to cultivate and update new echnologies and experience each other



Tinh Cong strives to become one of the auxiliary enterprises specializing in processing
surface treatment (plating, plating, passive inox) with high technology standards for lead-ing export products in Vietnam market. It is also the best choice for customers and part-ners in this field.


Providing the best solutions, equipment and services to customers, contributing to build-ing and developing more advanced and modern society.


  • Using creative knowledge as a basis for development
  • Taking Responsibility – Cooperation – Treating as the guideline of action
  • Building a sustainable organization on the foundation of solidarity, sharing, inheritanceas identity and corporate pride.