Tinh Công
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Tinh Cong Company Ltd., established in 1994 at HCM City and moved to Binh Duong in 2003, was the originator of TINH CONG Joint-Stock Company, registered in 2008, as  industrial supports specialize in surface treatment works: Electroplating, Electroless Nickel, Stainless Steel Passivation, Pickling and Chemical polishing, with high standards for export.


For providing supports in the development of all industrial fields in Vietnam, we have been continuously investing and updating new equipment, and technology from USA, Germany,Japan, Italy and Taiwan. Especially, the applications of multi-layer nickel, nickel free (for E.U markets), Electroless Nickel (  office machines), Tin ( electrical parts), Zinc ( first to adopt non-cyanide solution and Cr3+ passivation for environmental friendly). We always pay attention on maintaining effective water and gas treatment.


“Quality” is our major objective in production and services, since 2005 we have received ISO-9001 certification from BVQI-UKAS and passed recertification every year there after. We are striving to improve our  efficiency in productivity and satisfaction of our customer. We also welcome strategic cooperation from whoever interested in looking for a “Win-Win”partnership.


Presently, with 6000m2 of working space and 150 employees ( 20 college grads in Chemistry and business management) are ready to work for you.